Having Hair Loss? You Might Want to Start Taking Green Tea

Everyone loves the look and feel of thick beautiful hair, not just on dolls or mannequins, but on their own head. People become very concerned when they suffer issues with their hair. Statistics show that, by the age of 35, about 40% of men have begun to experience noticeable hair loss. At 60 this goes up to 65% and it continues to increase with age. Around 50% of women are affected in some way.

This has proven to be a very challenging issue for most, as more research has shown that 60% of hair loss sufferers would be happier to have their hair back than having more money or friends, and about 47% of these would gladly trade their savings just to get a full head of hair.

For women, hair can be a significant part of how they value themselves. Apart from it being a symbol of their identity, it also represents their beauty. For this reason, women are often times more concerned when they are having hair issues.

There are different scientific treatments for hair loss, but if you can’t afford a transplant like Wayne Rooney, there are many organic treatments out there for you that have shown incredible results for this problem, and one of them is good old GREEN TEA.

Produced from fresh natural Camellia sinensis leaves, green tea originated from China but has now spread to many other parts of Asia and the world. This tea is gathered from the non-fermented C. sinensis leaves, and, unlike black tea, it retains all the nutrients and minerals of the plant, hence its name.

Apart from its many health benefits, such as its capacity to protect the body from diseases, weight loss, gastrointestinal problems, obesity, skin disorders, fight against inflammation, etc, this tea has been found to be the magical solution to having beautiful and healthy hair.

Benefits of Green Tea for Hair

  • Topping the list of hair benefits in this tea is the presence of a certain set of chemicals known as catechin polyphenols (tannins), which are solely responsible for the tea’s bitter and astringent taste. Of all these antioxidants, epigallocatechin gallate, EGCG, is the major polyphenol which has the potential to stimulate hair growth in men and women by fortifying the hair roots and activating its follicles.
  • These really powerful antioxidants, working together with some amino acids like thiamine, lignan, and butyric acid, make this tea a powerful hair remedy.
  • Also containing 5 alpha-reductase, green tea has been shown to lower the level of dihydrotestosterone, DHT which is one of the major causes of baldness.
  • Green tea also contains Vitamin B (Panthenol), which not only softens the hair and strengthens its follicles but also controls split ends, which sometimes cause hair breakage.
  • As mentioned earlier, green tea has a number of anti-inflammatory properties which promote new hair growth. It helps to make the scalp cleaner and clearer, warding off infections that may result in the weakening of hair roots. A topical use of green tea offers great relief, especially for people suffering from psoriasis, itchy scalp or dandruff, which are also causes of hair loss.
  • Green tea also contains other essential compounds such as carotenoids, selenium, zinc, ascorbic acid and tocopherols. All of which promote hair growth and intercept hair loss.
  • Using this tea as a hair wash can help to eliminate fungal and bacterial parasites which have the ability to erode the hair roots, thereby resulting in hair loss or hair fall.
  • Another great benefit of green tea is that it has the capability to break down plaque in the blood vessels and, when this happens, it leads to better blood flow to all parts of the body including the scalp.

How to Use Green Tea to Treat Hair Loss

Having understood the benefits of this tea, your interest is probably peaked, and you want to get started with it right away. This brings us to the usage of the tea and how we can maximise its use to get the best results for more beautiful, healthier and stronger hair. Here it goes:

  1. Drink the tea: Just as we find it logical to tackle an issue from the inside out, the same goes for the treatment of hair loss using this tea. While it could be used topically or as an external application, it is highly beneficial to drink it, so it begins its work from inside the body. Getting creative with green tea can make it interesting to drink. You could try drinking it cold with the addition of ice and honey or adding lemon when it’s warm.
  1. Topical application: Making a rinse out of this tea for your hair is another great way to not only stop hair loss but promote hair growth.

As opposed to the chemically-treated shampoos and conditioners, you can change to organic products, particularly ones that contain green tea extracts as their major ingredient. Consistent use of such products will go a long way in helping your hair growth.


Having understood the science behind this “magical tea”, go and get your hair and pride restored.


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