Fruits are natural sources of vitamins


You do know that your body needs the right amount of vitamin intake to function properly right? All vitamins when taken in their right proportions have their uses in the body. They help in their different ways. When a vitamin is lacking in the body, you may feel ill in a way. Vitamin deficiency is not something you want to experience.

In some cases, we take vitamins yet we do not know. Vitamins are not limited to being in pill form. There are certain natural vitamins also that have the same as as those in the pill form.

Vitamins are found in our surroundings and sometimes in the food that we eat. Do you know the morning sun generates vitamin D for the body? Yes, it does, and it helps in reducing blood pressure among other uses. The right amount of vitamin in the body is vital.

The sun is not the only natural source of vitamin to the body. There are also other sources of vitamin D other than sunlight. There are various other effective sources of vitamins to the body. Here are a few of them;

  • Orange as a source of Vitamin C

The oranges that you may see as just a fruit, helps provide the body with vitamin C which is essential for the body to function properly. Rather than taking vitamin C pills, why not take oranges since they serve the same purpose?


The amazing part of this particular source of vitamin is that it also generates other vitamins for the body other than vitamin C. It also generates vitamin A which promotes good vision and keeps your skin healthy among other functions.

  • Raw tomato as a source of Vitamin E

Tomato is also a very good source of vitamin. You would be amazed at how sliced raw tomatoes can help prevent sterility in males and increase stamina. It also serves as antioxidants to the body.


Vitamin E helps in keeping your skin healthy and repair skin burns or scars. It helps in other forms too such as; reducing the risk of menstrual cramps in females, eye problem, leg cramps and more.

This vitamin is needed in the body, although you should understand that overdose of it will make it have adverse effects on you. Try to see how much Vitamin E you need to take into your body before you start to take it in excess.

  • Carrots as a source of Vitamin A

Carrots are amazing; they are rich in different vitamins ranging from Vitamin A, C, K to B8. This means that the functions of carrots in the body are limitless. Carrots serve as antioxidants too. They also help keep the skin healthy and glowing.

Carrots and Carrot Juice

It increases saliva and this aids digestion in the body. Carrots help in purifying the blood and also help in maintaining good eye sight. They are rich in essential nutrients and they also supply the body with fiber.

These are just few of the natural sources of vitamins, there are a lot of them around you.




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