Organic food products to help you achieve naturally white and healthy teeth

There are a lot of organic means that are gentle on teeth which are highly effective in achieving those set of sparkling white teeth that you have always wanted. You don’t have to go through daunting artificial procedures that often end up causing tooth sensitivity, and which sometimes don’t achieve even whitening.

Foods for teeth whitening

Aside from observing adequate dental hygiene, there are foods which could be consumed to keep your mouth healthy and fresh. Hard to remove plaques could be easily overcome using fresh fruits and raw vegetables, and other foods from Mother Nature. These fruits and vegetables contain important elements that protect the teeth from decay and give you healthy sparkling white teeth. The following food items when consumed/used over a period of time would help you to keep your teeth healthy and white.

  1. Cheese: tooth decay often occurs as a result of residual sugar and acids that are deposited from the food we consume. Cheese, like the Aged Gouda with its hard surface, is highly effective in neutralizing these sugars and acids and remove food particles and teeth stains.
  2. Strawberries: strawberries and baking soda mixed to form a paste is effective in teeth whitening. Strawberries contain the enzyme called malic acid that naturally whitens the teeth. Strawberries also contain natural sugars so don’t forget to properly rinse your mouth after making use of the mixture.
  3. Pineapples: pineapples naturally contain bromelain, and happen to be the only food that does. Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory compound that also cleanses and removes stains from the teeth.
  4. Carrots: carrots are high in fiber and serve as good detergent foods that help to scrub off stains from the teeth as they are being chewed on.
  5. Oranges: oranges are not acidic unlike other citrus fruits which are really acidic. The peels contain vitamin C variants and serve as efficient teeth whiteners. Wash the peels and rub the white side of the peel against your teeth. It helps to minimize plaque and the build-up of tartar.
  6. Broccoli: the crispy florets of fresh broccoli when eaten raw scrubs the teeth and serve as a natural teeth whitener. Broccoli provides a high level of iron that gets coated on the enamel to ward off acid corrosion on the teeth and remove harmful bacteria and remove stains.
  7. Apples: apples are another good detergent food. Apples, like carrots and broccoli have a scrub attribute that clean up the teeth while they are being chewed on.
  8. Salt: brushing your teeth with salt is very effective for killing germs in the mouth and scrubs off any plaque and tartar accumulation and subsequently leads to squeaky clean white teeth.
  9. Water: regularly drinking water, especially after meals when you need to rinse your mouth with some water to wash away food particles and wash off stains from pigmented foods, helps to prevent teeth discoloration and mouth odor.

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Other foods that promote oral health

The difference between having healthy teeth and getting frequent visits to the dentist might just be from your prevalent diet. Even when you seem to have a good oral hygiene routine, it could still be a challenge to maintain a healthy oral cavity unless you watch the foods you consume. Good nutrition is essential for healthy teeth and tongues. Food rich in calcium and phosphorus help to fortify the enamel which is has these minerals as its basic building blocks. Some foods rich in calcium include yoghurt, hard aged cheese, seafood, almonds, and low fat milk. Those rich in phosphorus include pumpkin, seeds, red meat, eggs, fish, and broth.

Antioxidant rich foods help to fight bacteria and free radicals which could cause inflammation and periodontal disease. They protect the gums and other tissues from cell damage and bacterial infection. Apples, grapes, resins, nuts, and berries are good sources.

  1. Virgin, coconut, or Sesame oil: oil pulling is an excellent method of treating tooth decay and promoting healthy teeth and gums. These oils are swished around in the mouth for about 10-15 minutes. Nutrients in the oils are absorbed by the mucous membranes of the mouth. Sesame contains fatty acids, vitamins E, B, and A, along with iron and calcium. Coconut oil stops cavities and green teeth caused by decay. For bacteria free oral cavity and healthy teeth and gums, these oils come in very handy. Try a consistent and prolonged use of oil pulling to achieve a fresh and squeaky clean mouth.
  2. Popcorns: pop corns are another excellent detergent food which clean the teeth and remove residual food particles, plaque, and tartar. Plain popcorns without flavoring or sugar is ideal for better results.
  3. Cranberries: fresh cranberries are rich in polyphenols which prevent the buildup of plaque and lowers the risk of getting cavities.
  4. Yogurt: yoghurts are rich in calcium and probiotics that protect the teeth from cavities, gum disease, and bad breathe.
  5. Garlic: garlic has a strong antimicrobial property as a result of its allicin It therefore helps to fight tooth decay and periodontal disease.
  6. Ginger: ginger inhibits bacterial activity in the mouth and promotes fresh breath and.
  7. Leafy greens (spinach, kale, and broccoli): leafy greens are rich in calcium, folic acid, and vitamins and minerals which are healthy for the teeth and gums.
  8. Fish: fatty fishes, salmon, and tuna are rich in minerals and essential vitamins such as vitamin D, which are good for the teeth.
  9. Black and green tea: tea contains polyphenols that inhibit bacteria activity in the mouth. Tea is also said to be rich in fluoride which are essential for healthy teeth. Drinking unsweetened tea is best for maximum effect.
  10. Pear: pear is good for neutralizing acids and keeps the teeth from decay.
  11. Onions: onions when eaten raw have strong antibacterial properties which prevents tooth decay and gum disease.
  12. Soy: soy is very good for healthy gums.
  13. Sweet potatoes: sweet potatoes contain a healthy dose of vitamin A which is good for the gums and the enamel.
  14. Raisins: raisins are a rich source of phytochemicals such as oleanolic which kill bacteria in the mouth. Raisins are also a rich source of antioxidants.
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