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The Anti-aging qualities of Nootropic Supplements

Throughout life’s history, there has always been a search for a magical panacea to reverse the effects of aging. The alchemists in their quest for gold claimed to have discovered chemical substances that could preserve youth. Even children’s fables contain stories about witches’ unrelenting urge to steal youth from unsuspecting victims.

The truth about aging is that it is an inevitable eventuality. But what if there was something that could delay this process? Not something synthetic or ‘magically’ induced, but made from naturally occurring plants around us?

What are nootropics?

Nootropic supplements are a class of naturally occurring chemicals (some are man-made) with the ability to enhance the cognitive functions of the human brain. For a substance to be nootropic, it must satisfy 5 criteria given by the original initiator, Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea:

  1. Improve memory recall and learning ability
  2. Help the brain work under difficult situations such as convulsive shock and hypoxia
  3. Protect the brain from the effect of dangerous chemicals and physical assaults
  4. Improve the functioning of neuronal firing control mechanisms
  5. Have little or no side-effects, and must be non-toxic

Nootropics are a good solution for brain under duress. One of those situations is aging. We often make jokes about aging when we forget to do something. The truth is that aging comes slowly and as such, we cannot say exactly when it creeps upon us.

Some women continue to take anti-aging creams in a bid to halt the wrinkles and stretch marks. However, while these are only surface treatments, few people pay attention to the aging effect of the most important organ; the brain.

Our aging brain

We have since come a long way in our interpretation of the brain aging process. In the past, scientists imagined that the aging brain was directly as a result of the death of brain cells. Experiments and research have debunked this notion.

Our brains begin to age as soon as puberty ends. Researchers have documented the progress/decline of brain performance in 20 and 30 year olds. It has been shown that early changes in brain cognitive function can be linked to poor sleep.

As we grow older, we tend to adopt unhealthy sleep patterns, usually as a result of work, personal obligations or an inadequate lifestyle. Memory loss becomes more obvious when neurons don’t communicate properly.

Nootropics and anti-aging

You shouldn’t surrender to the effects of aging. You can repair the functioning of your brain by rewiring its setup. You can do this by changing your environment, eliminating stress around you and sleeping better. In addition to this, nootropic supplements provide naturally enriching solutions to an impaired brain.

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Nootropics reduce cognitive decline in various ways:

  • Removing free radicals and cognitive decline
  • Neutralising and ridding brain toxins
  • Reduces loss of grey matter
  • Fosters the production of neurotransmitters

Nootropics supplements can be found naturally occurring in substances such as American Ginseng, Rosemary, Gingko, Lion’s Mane mushrooms and more. The facilitate health flow of blood to the brain and increases its response systems. Other benefits of nootropic supplements include memory recall, focus enhancement and brain cell development.


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