eat an egg

Why You Should Eat an Egg a day

Many people consider a breakfast incomplete without eggs. Boiled or even half cooked, it’s believed to contain all the necessary nutrients the body needs to function better. However, there are people who fear that eggs contain just as much cholesterol as a bowl of chicken. But research has shown that consuming eggs have a positive effect on the brain and the entire body system. Although known for its protein content, it also adds taste to whatever meal it’s consumed with. If you’re still wondering what the big deal is, here’s why you should have at least one egg every day.

It contains all the Major Nutrients

Basically, there are 5 classes of foods – Protein, vitamin, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and oil. An egg contains every single one of those in the right quantity. The fact that it also comes naturally makes it more nutritious. A chicken egg for example, has a combination of Vitamin A, B5, B6, B12, D, E and K, zinc, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, folate and just a few calories. Eggs from free range birds has some omega-3 fatty acids as well. You also need a particular amount of protein daily. An egg provides that as well. These nutrients all help for brightening of the eyes, strengthening of bones, fast healing of injuries and general boost of the immune system.

It helps build the Brain

Choline is considered part of Vitamin B. This compound actually helps the brain function properly. A recent survey showed that more than half of the world’s population get below the recommended amount of Choline daily and this affects how their brain develops over time. Choline helps build new cell membranes and other signaling molecules in the brain. An egg contains over 100 milligrams of this compound – which is just enough for the day.

what happens when you eat eggs

It lowers the Bad Cholesterol level and the Risk of Heart related Diseases

Ok, let’s start from the cholesterol angle. Heart related ailments are usually associated with high levels of cholesterol in the body. There’s a common belief that eggs either make you fat, adds to your calories intake and boost cholesterol levels. Well, the body requires 300 mg of cholesterol a day, an egg contains 212 mg. Therefore, eating an egg a day pretty much provides almost the right quantity your body needs. Another thing to note is that eating foods containing cholesterol doesn’t immediately increase its level in your blood. Just ensure you get consume the right amount, so that your liver can take the quantity it needs and make less of the rest.

There are a few number people who consume lots of eggs leading to slight increase in their low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels. However, the good thing about the cholesterol in eggs is that it transforms the LDL to a more healthy cholesterol. The high density lipoprotein (HDL) is the good cholesterol that reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and other heart related ailments. According to a survey, there was a 10% increase in the HDL levels of subjects who ate two eggs per day over a 6 week period. Imagine the chances of not going down with any heart disease being boosted by 10%! Awesome, right? This goes to show that the common belief that eggs produce enough cholesterol to clog up the arteries of the heart is false. This leads us to the next benefit of consuming eggs – weight loss!

It helps you with Weight Loss

As unbelievable as it might sound, eggs help you lose weight. According to a study, 30 overweight females were split into groups and some were fed bagels every morning, while others had eggs. At the end of an 8 week research period, they all had the same number of calories in the body. But the females who consumed eggs lost more weight than those that were given bagels.

On the other hand, eggs are actually filling. Due to their high protein content, they rank really well on the satiety index for foods that satisfy a person. Another survey showed that subjects who ate only eggs and not bagels over a one and a half day period felt more satisfied.

Finally, after much said and done, how many eggs should one eat daily? The importance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients cannot be over-emphasized. The body needs 300 mg of cholesterol a day and an egg contains 212 mg in addition to 6 and 5 grams of protein and healthy fats. Most foods you consume contain cholesterol, therefore an egg or two a day will provide you with just enough nutrients your body needs. When you eat it doesn’t really matter. Just eat more of boiled or cooked eggs than fried.


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